Nanotechnology researcher, programmer, ballet and classic dancer, violin and piano player

Yuqin Sophia Duan

Who am I?

Yuqin Duan, always called herself “Sophia”, grew up in Beijing, China. She came to Purdue University to study electrical and computer engineering. She spent two years working at different field from software level down to device fabrication. While working on device developments to connect to the real world, she realizes how important to vertically connect the knowledge between nanotechnology to circuit to system and even to software algorithm.  At DeBoer Lab, she has been working on the Freeform project, where she tries to understand how ABC environment related to students’ demographic characteristics and their academic performance. At her free time, she likes to run to explore the local view and plays the piano for the church.

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Research Interest lie in:

  • Novel 2D material devices
  • Non-volatile memory study

Awards and Honors:

  • Honor, Dean’s List & Semester Honor every semester
  • Scholarship, Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding ECE
  • Scholarship, RCA Zworykin ECE Scholarship
  • Fellowship, DURI Research Fellowship, SURF Research Fellowship
  • Prize, Hackathon BoilerMakeIV Qualcomm Smart Home Prize
  • Prize, Hackathon BoilermakeV Rockwell Collins: Best Use of Communication Prize


  • BS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Purdue University (2019)

Recent News and Publications:

  • Y. Duan, R.Kandakatla, N. Stites, J. DeBoer, E. Berger, and J. Rhoads, “The Relationship Between Demographic Characteristics and Engagement in an Undergraduate Engineering Online Forum,” FIE Conference, 2018, Accepted
  • Y. Duan, A. Chanars, P.D. Ye, “Enhanced n-type Behavior in Black Phosphorus (BP) FETs”, Purdue Undergraduate Research Conference (PURC), 2018
  • Y. Duan, A.Charnas, J.Qin, and P.D. Ye, "Improving Methods of Doping on Black Phosphorus" The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Symposium, Paper 110, 2017
  • M. Si, P.-Y. Liao, G. Qiu, Y. Duan, and P. D. Ye, “Ferroelectric Field-Effect Transistors Based on MoS2 and CuInP2S6 Two-Dimensional van der Waals Heterostructure,” ACS Nano, vol. 12, no. 7, pp. 6700–6705, Jul. 2018.
  • J. Qiu, G. Qiu, W. He, J. Jian, M. Si, Y. Duan, H. Wang, W. Shao, L. Zhen, C. Xu, P.D. Ye, “Epitaxial Growth of 1D/2D Heterostructure Based on Trigonal Se Nanoplate and ReS2 Monolayer for High-speed Photodetectors”, Advanced Functional Materials, 2018, Submitted

Current research in the lab:

  • Freeform