user in azraq refugee camp testing and evaluating the prototype

user in azraq refugee camp testing and evaluating the prototype


EngStarter accelerates the adoption and diffusion of cutting-edge food technology in displaced communities through engineering education kits. It is the technology education the people in fragile settings need - the first truly native engineering education for emergencies.

EngStarter is essentially a laboratory in a box Enabling you to build +10 food applications by making the prototyping process even easier with sensors and color-coded connections within the box. Some of these applications include… hyperlocal climate sensing, water flow management, hydroponics, measuring water crop needs, and more.


Applying engineering to some of the world’s biggest challenges! Through research, engineering, and initiatives to build the engineering education ecosystem, we’re working to use engineering to address societal challenges. Our solution consist of an accessible and educational kit designed to democratize food technologies in refugee camps by giving to training centers and students the best alternative to equip classrooms and teach food applications. Our main features consists of:

  • Educational tool: A DIY modular platform and prototyping system to support smallholder farmer training and first-time electronics users in refugee camps

  • Connected kit: Measure what your crop needs by managing and viewing your data on your cellphone on our customizable app

  • Farming application: Integrated field sensors and connectivity for agriculture application

  • All-in-One: A complete solution that will get you up and ready to test your ideas in no time. Included are a set of sensors, computer, solar panel, and tutorials



  • Each FoodBOX is equipped with sensors, batteries, cables, a computer station, connectors, and contextually aligned tutorials.

  • EngStarter, a laboratory in a box was created to bring contextually-aligned teaching to refugee camps;

  • The kit was designed for areas where electricity and weather are unreliable or non-existant;

  • Shipped in robust 15Kg lockable storage case housing;

  • Inbuilt computer station with mouser, keyboard, speaker, and webcam

  • Battery power for computer (2.5 hrs autonomy) and development board (4 hrs autonomy)

  • All cables necessary to run the existing applications in the tutorial

  • +12 different sensors and connectors

  • Free and downloable app for IoT applications

  • Online and offline instruction material available for self-learning

Awards and Achievements

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Best Idea - Innovate for Refugees 2019

Innovate for Refugees Competition (IFR) is a global competition for the best tech-driven solutions addressing the challenges faced by refugees across the globe. Launched on ‘World Refugee Day’ three years ago, IFR had been at the forefront of the efforts alleviating the plight for many refugees in the world. In 2019, the competition’s edition of Innovate For Refugees received applications from over 50 countries from around the world, highlighting the competition’s popularity, and the universality of the issue at hand. The winners will each receive a cash prize of $40,000 among other in-kind benefits like training, long-term mentorship, and networking. The winner of the Startup Track is team Shiffer (Iraq), and the winner of the ‘Ideas Track are both ‘Engineering For Social Good (USA) and KwikPak Shelter (Lebanon).

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Best Paper - Duncan Fraser Award

In 2019, our team presented a paper related to EngStarter at Research in Engineering Education Symposium (REES) in Cape Town and this paper was selected as the best paper at the conference through Duncan Fraser Award. This award is in recognition of 'emerging scholars' and is presented to the student author(s) of the best paper at REES. The award is presented to honor the memory of Professor Duncan Fraser, who was a leader in engineering education research and an inspiration to many young educators and researchers.

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