Dhinesh Radhakrishnan

Doctoral Student, Engineering Education
Purdue University

I am motivated to understand the world through reflection and by trying to change it collaboratively to address equity in education for diverse populations.

I am fascinated by the fact that technology can aid in laying down the path towards improvement of societies and the individuals that design it. As an engineering education researcher, I study how to design effective educational environments that provides an inclusive education. I am particularly interested in the role technology can play as an interactive artifact providing access and equity in the situated context. I am also developing a keen interest to explore and understand the design of these environments through participatory method involving various stakeholders.   

I have a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and Masters in Energy Systems from India. Prior to joining Purdue, I worked as a service manager at Mahindra and Mahindra Limited, and as a Technical consultant with a Market research firm for 5 years.


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Email: dradhak at purdue dot edu

Website: deboer-lab.engineer/dhinesh-radhakrishnan


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