DeBoer Lab Values

As part of a global community, our research group values the diverse people we engage. We stand with those groups who are singled out and marginalized, in particular those seeking refuge from persecution or conflict. Scientific research relies on the free exchange of ideas and the movement of curious minds around the world.

The data are clear. Diversity is a benefit to the scientific endeavor. Immigrants and refugees contribute to education and scientific breakthroughs in the US and around the world. Our lab itself believes in and benefits from myriad perspectives, skillsets, and origin stories. We pride ourselves on the fact that our students are from around the world, that they are from a wide array of religious and cultural backgrounds, and that they are pursuing a variety of callings.

It is easy to build a wall. It is harder to build a bridge. It is harder still to maintain that bridge in the face of corrosive forces.

There are many reasons to support working with those from different backgrounds and to provide refuge for those in need. Yes, because it benefits our work, because we are connected to a broad community of friends and colleagues, and because it is an economic and scientific boon. Most importantly, we do so because it is right, and we recognize the inherent rights and dignity of all people. We stand with those with the most vulnerable, refugees, immigrants, the undocumented, religious minorities, the impoverished, and other seen and unseen marginalized groups. We will continue to work and resist and progress, and we affirm our inextricable place in a global community.