S. Zahra Atiq

Doctoral Student, Engineering Education
Purdue University

I am interested in studying non-cognitive/affective and individual/demographic factors that impact student learning and participation in engineering/computing both in online and residential tertiary learning spaces.

I am a third year PhD student in engineering education, working as a research assistant at the DeBoer lab. I am primarily interested  in learning to learn about the non-cognitive/affective and individual/demographic factors that impacts students in STEM courses. I am currently working on three interesting projects. The first one is about women’s participation in engineering. The premise of this project is that women in predominantly Muslim countries are participating more proportionally more compared to the United States. What can the US learn from these countries and then implement in order to increase women’s participation in engineering?. The second one is about understanding the learning patterns and behaviors students are exhibiting while taking a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in neuroscience. We are quantitatively and qualitatively analyzing data in order to understand these behaviors. The third project is about understanding the negative emotions students’ experience while learning computer programming. In addition to research, In addition to doing research, I occasionally mentor and guide Masters and Undergraduate students interested in engineering and computing education. As a side project, I have volunteered to be a global ambassador of Purdue for my home country (Pakistan). In this role I assist Purdue in recruiting more graduate students from my country.


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Email: satiq at purdue dot edu

Website: deboer-lab.engineer/s-zahra-atiq


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