Jennifer DeBoer

Assistant Professor of Engineering Education
Purdue University

How can we push technologies and the field of engineering to make good on their promises of access and equity?

Dr. DeBoer strives to better understand and support diverse students around the world as they are empowered to access, develop, and meaningfully apply engineering knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Her work is founded on three important pillars: investigating the ways in which diverse individual students and their experiences are informed by a complex set of contextual background factors; comparing and contrasting the contexts, histories, economies, and social structures of systems of education around the world; and understanding that individual and institutional factors mediate and moderate interactions with technologies and tools to access engineering education. Her integrated research, teaching and mentoring, and service activities therefore look at international and comparative educational settings, technologies and tools that facilitate learning, and the sociological context of education.

On the web

Email: deboerj at purdue dot edu


Twitter: @deboer_lab

Recent publications

DeBoer, J. (2016). Perspectives on Engineering Education Quality in Tunisia after Fifty Years of Statehood. Advances in Engineering Education in the Middle East and North Africa, pp. 377-408. Springer Publishing.

DeBoer, J. and Ater Kranov, A. (2015). Key Factors in the Educational and Occupational Trajectories of Women in Engineering in Select GCC Countries and Comparative National Settings. Accelerating Science and Technology Development in the Middle East: Unleashing the Potential of Near Ties, eds. Siddiqi, A. & Diaz Anandon, L. 

DeBoer, J., Ho, A.D., Stump, G.S., & Breslow, L. (2014). Changing “Course”: Reconceptualizing Educational Variables for Massive Open Online Courses. Educational Researcher, 43(2): 74-84.