Leadership in Capacity Building

Dr. DeBoer currently serves as Co-Director of IIDEA (International Institute for Development of Engineering Academics), which is the capacity building arm of IFEES (International Federation of Engineering Education Societies). In this role she helps to develop and coordinate capacity building workshops for national engineering training systems throughout Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Recent workshops include

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Empowering Students

Undergraduate and graduate engineering students are often overlooked as important stakeholders in Engineering Education. Dr. DeBoer is committed to empowering students and helping their voices be heard both at the local level in their educational institutions, and at the international level in Engineering Education professional societies. As a graduate student, Dr. DeBoer cofounded and seved as president of SPEED (Student Platform for Engineering Education Development). 

SPEED is a global, non-profit student organization that functions as an interdisciplinary network of engineering students, who aspire to provide opinion and create an impact on future development of engineering education and its effect on society and environment.  Dr. DeBoer currently engages with  SPEED as an Advisory Council Member.  For more information visit the website at


Research and University Partners


Industry Partners

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