Claudio Freitas

Doctoral Student, Engineering Education
Purdue University

I am fascinated with engineering education and the opportunity to develop projects to empower engineering education towards solving global problems through technology for diverse students.

I am currently working on two projects as a research assistant for DeBoer Lab . In the first project, Freeform, we intend to design an Active, Blended, and Collaborative learning environment and collect data from multiple sources to understand the student and instructor experience, the importance of disciplinary content and institutional setting, and the juxtaposition of Freeform with students' and instructors' other courses. In the second project, we will design a curriculum addressed to students allocated in Azraq Refugee Camp. The curriculum is based in a blended learning environment where students will have access to an online platform as well as empower their engineering skills through hands-on activities using electronic toolkits and use open source software to develop their activities along the course.


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